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Small helper class to make creating stores for remotely-loaded attributes data easier. AttributeStore is pre-configured with a built-in and The HttpProxy is configured to allow caching (disableCaching: false) and uses GET. If you require some other proxy/reader combination then you’ll have to configure this with your own proxy or create a basic and configure as needed.

Config Options

Configuration properties in addition to those listed for

OpenLayers.Feature.Vector A vector feature. If provided, and if the reader is a (the default), then records of this store will include a field named “value” referencing the corresponding attribute value in the feature. And if the “value” field of a record is updated the update will propagate to the corresponding feature attribute. Optional.
Array or Function Either an array of field definition objects as passed to, or a record constructor created using Defaults to ["name", "type", "restriction"].
OpenLayers.Format A parser for transforming the XHR response into an array of objects representing attributes. Defaults to an OpenLayers.Format.WFSDescribeFeatureType parser.