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class, recordType)
  • metaObject Reader configuration from which: layerOptions is an optional object passed as default options to the OpenLayers.Layer.WMS constructor. layerParams is an optional set of parameters to pass into the OpenLayers.Layer.WMS constructor.
  • recordTypeArray | An array of field configuration objects or a record object. Default is with the following fields: name, title, abstract, queryable, opaque, noSubsets, cascaded, fixedWidth, fixedHeight, minScale, maxScale, prefix, formats, styles, srs, dimensions, bbox, llbbox, attribution, keywords, identifiers, authorityURLs, metadataURLs, infoFormats. The type of these fields is the same as for the matching fields in the object returned from OpenLayers.Format.WMSCapabilities::read().

Data reader class to create an array of objects from a WMS GetCapabilities response.

Config Options

Configuration properties in addition to those listed for

String CSS class name for the attribution DOM elements. Element class names append “-link”, “-image”, and “-title” as appropriate. Default is “gx-attribution”.