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class GeoExt.form.SearchAction(form, options)

A specific Ext.form.Action to be used when using a form to do trigger search requests througn an OpenLayers.Protocol.


  • form Ext.form.BasicForm A basic form instance.

  • options Object Options passed to the protocol’read method

    One can add an abortPrevious property to these options, if set to true, the abort method will be called on the protocol if there’s a pending request.

When run this action builds an OpenLayers.Filter from the form and passes this filter to its protocol’s read method. The form fields must be named after a specific convention, so that an appropriate OpenLayers.Filter.Comparison filter is created for each field.

For example a field with the name foo__like would result in an OpenLayers.Filter.Comparison of type OpenLayers.Filter.Comparison.LIKE being created.

Here is the convention:

  • <name>__eq: OpenLayers.Filter.Comparison.EQUAL_TO
  • <name>__ne: OpenLayers.Filter.Comparison.NOT_EQUAL_TO
  • <name>__lt: OpenLayers.Filter.Comparison.LESS_THAN
  • <name>__le: OpenLayers.Filter.Comparison.LESS_THAN_OR_EQUAL_TO
  • <name>__gt: OpenLayers.Filter.Comparison.GREATER_THAN
  • <name>__ge: OpenLayers.Filter.Comparison.GREATER_THAN_OR_EQUAL_TO
  • <name>__like: OpenLayers.Filter.Comparison.LIKE

In most cases your would not directly create GeoExt.form.SearchAction objects, but use GeoExt.form.FormPanel instead.

Example Use

Sample code showing how to use a GeoExt SearchAction with an Ext form panel:

var formPanel = new Ext.form.Panel({
    renderTo: "formpanel",
    items: [{
        xtype: "textfield",
        name: "name__like",
        value: "mont"
    }, {
        xtype: "textfield",
        name: "elevation__ge",
        value: "2000"

var searchAction = new GeoExt.form.SearchAction(formPanel.getForm(), {
    protocol: new OpenLayers.Protocol.WFS({
        url: "",
        featureType: "tasmania_roads",
        featureNS: ""
    abortPrevious: true

formPanel.getForm().doAction(searchAction, {
    callback: function(response) {
        // response.features includes the features read
        // from the server through the protocol

Public Properties

Public properties in addition to those listed for Ext.form.Action.

OpenLayers.Protocol.Response A reference to the response resulting from the search request. Read-only.