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class GeoExt.tree.LayerNode(config)

A subclass of Ext.tree.TreeNode that is connected to an OpenLayers.Layer by setting the node’s layer property. Checking or unchecking the checkbox of this node will directly affect the layer and vice versa. The default iconCls for this node’s icon is “gx-tree-layer-icon”, unless it has children.

Setting the node’s layer property to a layer name instead of an object will also work. As soon as a layer is found, it will be stored as layer property in the attributes hash.

The node’s text property defaults to the layer name.

If the node has a checkedGroup attribute configured, it will be rendered with a radio button instead of the checkbox. The value of the checkedGroup attribute is a string, identifying the options group for the node.

To use this node type in a TreePanel config, set nodeType to “gx_layer”.

Config Options

Configuration properties in addition to those listed for Ext.tree.TreeNode.

String If provided, nodes will be rendered with a radio button instead of a checkbox. All layers represented by nodes with the same checkedGroup are considered mutually exclusive - only one can be visible at a time.
OpenLayers.Layer or String The layer that this layer node will be bound to, or the name of the layer (has to match the layer’s name property). If a layer name is provided, layerStore also has to be provided.
layerStore or "auto" The layer store containing the layer that this node represents. If set to “auto”, the node will query the ComponentManager for a GeoExt.MapPanel, take the first one it finds and take its layer store. This property is only required if layer is provided as a string.
Ext.tree.TreeLoader|Object If provided, subnodes will be added to this LayerNode. Obviously, only loaders that process an OpenLayers.Layer or (like GeoExt.tree.LayerParamsLoader) will actually generate child nodes here. If provided as Object, a GeoExt.tree.LayerParamLoader instance will be created, with the provided object as configuration.

Public Properties

Public properties in addition to those listed for Ext.tree.TreeNode.

OpenLayers.Layer The layer this node is bound to.