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class GeoExt.tree.LayerParamNode

A subclass of Ext.tree.TreeNode that represents a value of a list of values provided as one of an OpenLayers.Layer.HTTPRequest‘s params. The default iconCls for this node’s icon is “gx-tree-layerparam-icon”.

To use this node type in a TreePanel config, set nodeType to “gx_layerparam”.

Config Options

Configuration properties in addition to those listed for Ext.tree.TreeNode.

String Delimiter of the param‘s value’s items. Default is , (comma). If the param‘s value is an array, this property has no effect.
String The param’s value’s item that this node represents.
OpenLayers.Layer.HTTPRequest|String The layer that this node represents a subnode of. If provided as string, the string has to match the title of one of the records in the layerStore.
layerStore Only used if layer is provided as string. The store where we can find the layer. If not provided, the store of a map panel found by GeoExt.MapPanel::guess will be used.
String Key for a param (key-value pair in the params object of the layer) that this node represents an item of. The value can either be an Array or a String, delimited by the character (or string) provided as delimiter config option.