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Ext.Ajax Overrides

GeoExt provides an override for the functionality in Ext.Ajax. If you include the override-ext-ajax.js file in your build, any calls to Ext.Ajax methods will be routed through OpenLayers.Request methods. The practical implication of this is that you can set the OpenLayers.ProxyHost property in your application and have this proxy used by Ext components that call Ext.Ajax methods.

To include override-ext-ajax.js in your build, the GeoExt section in your build config should look like one of the following:

# include everything (including override-ext-ajax.js)
root = ../lib
license = geoext-license.js
exclude =


# custom build
root = ../lib
license = geoext-license.js
include =
    # other files listed here ...

Workaround for Existing Builds

If you are using a build of GeoExt that includes the Ajax overrides (e.g. the 0.6 release or earlier), you can work around any issues you may have using this override in your appliction by protecting the Ext.lib.Ajax object before loading file:GeoExt.js.

The example markup below will remove the effect of the override on Ajax methods.

<script src="path/to/ext.js"></script>
    Ext.lib._Ajax = Ext.lib.Ajax; // protect the original
    Ext.lib.Ajax = {};  // create dummy for override
<script src="path/to/GeoExt.js"></script>
    Ext.lib.Ajax = Ext.lib._Ajax; // restore the original

Note that issues with the Ajax override present in 0.6 will be fixed in subsequent releases.