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A store that contains a cache of available zoom levels. The store can optionally be kept synchronized with an OpenLayers.Map or GeoExt.MapPanel object.

Records have the following fields:

  • level - Number The zoom level.
  • scale - Number The scale denominator.
  • resolution - Number The map units per pixel.

Config Options

Configuration properties in addition to those listed for

OpenLayers.Map or GeoExt.MapPanel Optional map or map panel from which to derive scale values.

Public Methods

Public methods in addition to those listed for

Parameter:mapGeoExt.MapPanel or OpenLayers.Map Panel or map to which we should bind.

Bind this store to a map; that is, maintain the zoom list in sync with the map’s current configuration. If the map does not currently have a set scale list, then the store will remain empty until the map is configured with one.

Un-bind this store from the map to which it is currently bound. The currently stored zoom levels will remain, but no further changes from the map will affect it.