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A smart reader that creates records for client-side rendered legends. If its store is configured with an OpenLayers.Style2 instance as data, each record will represent a Rule of the Style, and the store will be configured with symbolizers (Array of OpenLayers.Symbolizer), filter (OpenLayers.Filter), label (String, the rule’s title), name (String), description (String), elseFilter (Boolean), minScaleDenominator (Number) and maxScaleDenominator (Number) fields. If the store’s data is an OpenLayers.Symbolizer.Raster instance, records will represent its ColorMap entries, and the available fields will only be symbolizers (object literal with color and opacity properties from the ColorMapEntry, and stroke set to false), filter (String, the ColorMapEntry’s quantity) and label (String).

The store populated by this reader is synchronized with the underlying data object. To write back changes to the Style or Symbolizer object, call commitChanges on the store.


Calling commitChanges on the store that is populated with this reader will fail with OpenLayers 2.11 - it requires at least revision from 2011-11-28 of OpenLayers.

Example Use

Sample code to create a store that reads from an OpenLayers.Style2 object:

var store = new{
    reader: new,
    data: myStyle // OpenLayers.Style2 or OpenLayers.Symbolizer.Raster